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Some Known Questions About Termite Control Pipe System.

Termites can squeeze through very small cracks and holes. They do however need a very controlled environment: the nest and all pathways to it are usually in a higher temperature than the surrounding air. This means that termites will either enter your home using wood in contact with the ground or through mud tunnels in the ground through cracks in concrete or pipe penetrations through the slab or foundation walls. .

Termites arent easy to see. There are occasionally tell-tale signs such as sand tunnels, however, termites can be quite clever at hiding their tracks. If you suspect that you have termites, you should invest in a termite inspection as soon as possible by one of our Termite Control Technicians.

Rentokils termite control technicians are equipped with devices that can not only view termites, but can listen to termites. The latest equipment is accessible to all our technicians and contains moisture sensors, heat sensors and sound sensors (to listen to the clicking sound termites make) so the termites have very little chance of remaining undetected.

The Greatest Guide To Termite Control Powder

To the untrained eye, the two insects seem equally. But, termites are actually more closely related to cockroaches than ants. Termites are often mistaken for white ants but differ greatly from ants in regard to their appearance, attributes, and nutritional requirements.

Termites live on a rigorous diet of cellulose. Cellulose is an organic compound found in timber and plants. All types of termites live off cellulose, meaning they not only consume wooden constructions, but they can and will also feed on plants, cardboard, paper, and newspaper!

Although quite similar to ants in terms of shape and size, termites have some unique attributes which help identify them.

Ants will often travel a fantastic distance in the quest for food. Some types of ant will lay down a scent which will attract other ants to a food source.

Excitement About Termite Control Plans

Knowing the difference between an ant and a termite is very important with termite season poking its head around the corner.

Being able to identify the differences between termite damage and an ant infestation can help streamline the method of managing a potential pest infestation for both you and your pest controller, helping to save both time and money.

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There is no single and permanent white ant treatment or termite treatment solution.  In reality, white ants and termite management is an ongoing process.

White Ants and Termites are a part of our natural environment in Brisbane and surrounding areas, and as our environment changes, so does the threat posed by termites.

7 Simple Techniques For Termite Control Powder

Home owners, land managers and tenants often unknowingly create environmental changes in and around a dwelling which encourage white ants to enter their properties. Your Trusted Pest Management Control inspector can also provide you personalised advice and tips to ensure that you dont accidentally encourage white ants and termites into your home! .

We know its tempting to try to get rid of the house-munching horrors, but disturbing the termites or nest can cause them to escape, and make any termite treatments less effective.

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Secondly, contact one of the staff at Trusted Pest Management to organise a whole white ant inspection on your premises.  Once weve inspected the house we can provide you advice on your white ant/termite treatment options from there.

At Trusted Pest Management We'll see your home to design a white ant see this website treatment plan that suits your house, climate and environment, from among the following elements:

In case a white ant nest can be found, this is definitely the best way to deal with the immediate termite or white ant issue. A chemical treatment prior to destroying the white ant nest should be done; otherwise a bunch of individuals may endure to begin another colony. Some species of termites create a number of nests At Trusted Pest Management we'll identify the species involved and the chance of having to track down other white ant nests. .

White Ant nests can also be ruined indirectly by termite treatments like baiting, dusting and chemical applications that transfer the toxins throughout the entire termite colony.

The Definitive Guide for Termite Control Powder

Chemcially-based termite treatment is one of the most common methods of protecting properties just like yours.  These termite treatments are especially popular since they supply ongoing protection. In compound termite treatment, we apply an approved termiticide into the  soil around the structure, so that there is no part of the structure that the termites can access without tunnelling through the treated soil.  If termites come in contact with the treated soil they are either repelled or killed before they can do any damage.

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